About Us

Urban Village Medical Practice (UVMP) is a GP practice based at Ancoats Primary Care Centre on the outskirts of the city centre. As well as providing primary healthcare to over 10,000 registered general patients since 1998, we have also provided a primary healthcare service to homeless patients and currently have approximately 850 registered homeless patients.

Since 2012 the practice has also been commissioned to provide a hospital in reach service to homeless patients. The service is the only comprehensive healthcare service for homeless people in Manchester and currently provides the following:

  • Proactive engagement with homeless people, including outreach and hostel drop-ins by clinical and non-clinical staff, to enable registration and engagement with the practice or other health advice
  • Flexible and easy to access range of services including GP, nurse, tissue viability service, drug assessment and treatment, mental health services, podiatry and dentist
  • A hospital in-reach service by clinical and non-clinical team members offering assessment of medical and social needs and discharge planning for homeless patients that are admitted
  • Case management of homeless patients that are frequent attenders at MRI A&E to address health and social needs in order to reduce the impact on secondary care
  • Additional support for all homeless patients in relation to benefits, outpatient appointments and housing options

In 2017, through Big Lottery funding, we began running regular nurse-led sessions at The Beacon Centre run by Barnabus. The purpose of these sessions is to engage homeless people with health care and to provide health promotion to people accessing the service.

In addition to operational work, Urban Village has also worked to ensure homeless health has become a strategically important issue in the city. In the last 2 years we have developed and delivered a range of training on homeless healthcare, including the Homeless Healthcare Standards to people working with homeless people and Know Your Rights training to empower homeless people to access healthcare. (For more information on the Homeless Healthcare Service please contact the homeless office on 0161 2725652).

Our primary care service for homeless people endorses the ‘standards for commissioners and service providers’ produced by the Faculty of Homeless Health in 2011 (revised 2013) and is actively working to meet all the standards for primary care services for homeless people. All team members belong to the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health, the first independent, multi-disciplinary body focused on the health care of homeless and other excluded people.