Temporary Resident Registration

How to register as a temporary resident

If you fall ill while away from home, or if you are not registered with a GP but need to see one, contact our reception team who will be able to assist you.

You can receive emergency treatment for 14 days. After that, you will have to register as a temporary resident or permanent patient.

Registration as a temporary resident allows you to be taken on to the practice’s list for up to three months. If you are registered with a practice but are away from your home area, you can register temporarily with a practice near where you are currently staying and still remain a patient of your registered practice.

Try to have the following information available when you attend your appointment for the first time:

  • Details of your ongoing medical problems
  • Details of your medical problems you have suffered in the past
  • Details of any medicines that you are currently taking
  • Details of any allergies
  • Contact details of your registered or previous practice

You can register in person at reception. The registration process takes up to 5 working days once we have received all of your information. Unfortunately, the practice cannot provide you with a service until this is complete.

If you are registered elsewhere you will need to use your existing GP or ‘walk-service’ if you require medical attention.

Please do not leave your registration until the last moment.